With our new, unique, proprietary model, we build your new website, create your social media profiles, and develop your SEO. Then, you have two options; we teach you how to update everything on your own, or you can have us manage and continue to strengthen your digital presence. 

We build your social media.

We design your website.

We launch your SEO.

We train you, so you don't need us anymore. (Or, you can keep us.)

Trilogy's unusual approach, combining professional digital marketing design and development, with DIY web, social media, and SEO updates, provides your small business with big business-like presence, increasing traffic and sales, while saving significant money.


Your local SEO infrastructure is designed, and then launched, to enhance and expand your website and social media visibility. We artfully adopt keyword architecture to deliver top ranking of Google and other search engines. End result is the beginning of new customers.  


Your social media presence is created and built to engage your customers, build traffic, and increase sales. You select the social media platforms that mirror your customer base. Blueprints are crafted to deliver existing and new customer connections.

Your new website is custom-designed and meticulously built so your customers can easily navigate and respond to your message. Your framework is skillfully configured for desktop, tablet, and mobile use. The ownership of the website is transferred to you after launch.


Up until this point, we've been behaving like a typical digital marketing agency.

 But, we don't like to behave.


This is where we make a left turn. Where most agencies would typically start to ask for annual commitments for website maintenance, hosting, and update fees; social media management, update, and posting fees; and SEO development, link building, and engagement fees; Trilogy's blueprint is very different. An unusual DIY option.

Trilogy provides one-on-one in-person or webinar training, in addition to training manuals, and telephone support well after your one-on-one training has ended.

We know. We are talking you out of spending more money with us. However, once the framework is built, most standard website, social media, and SEO workings, updates, and postings are not very difficult. Some agencies may use fancy words in an attempt to make it more complicated than it really is. We think, for most localized small businesses, this is something that can be done in-house, saving thousands of dollars per year. Dollars that look much better in your bank account, than ours. (If you don't have the time, we can stay on to manage your digital presence, or you can bring us back only when you need us.)

After we build your framework, we invest time training you to be independent. We teach you how to maintain and update your website, so it's always current. We teach you how to engage your valued customers though social media, so that your customer count increases. We teach you local SEO fundamentals, so you can increase your Google search rankings, appear on page one, and become known in your industry.

Our training is well designed to allow you to update and maintain your website, social media, and local SEO at a fraction of the cost typically associated with this level of digital marketing services. This training occurs during a 30-90 day "apprenticeship" after your initial framework  building is completed.

We provide hours of one-on-one in-person or webinar training so your selected representative can learn exactly what is necessary to build your presence. We also provide easy-to-follow e-manuals that detail step-by-step directions on how to further develop your presence. 

After your apprenticeship is successful, we then transfer management of your website, social media, and SEO elements to you so you can have full control over your success!

Even after your initial setup, apprenticeship, and transfer, your company receives months of personal support to answer questions, clarify processes, and solve issues. This support can be accessed through telephone, webinar, email, or chat. 

With our help, your company is now fully equipped to manage your digital presence and continue to build your online engagement.


30 Days



30 - 90 Days

Based On Level


After Successful Apprenticeship


Up To 8 Months After Transfer

We know this platform isn't for everyone. If your company already has a website that's updated and booming, a social media presence that has already bloomed, and a Google ranking that is already considered peaked, then we may not be the right agency to help you.

But if your digital footprint can still be developed, contact us. Again, if you decide you need or want someone to continue your efforts after our we've built your infrastructure, we'll be happy to do it. Don't worry, if it's something beyond our scope and expertise, we can happily recommend another agency to take it to the next level. 

Contact us today 239.351.2233 to learn more about our simple approach, and if we can help you.