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OUR FOUNDER of Trilogy Web Design, Marshall G. Zotara, is an award-winning PR and media professional with more than 35 years of vast marketing and business experience.  Zotara started in radio in the 80's as a production director, copywriter, and on-air personality at a Buffalo, New York radio station. He moved quickly up the broadcasting ladder in various marketing, sales, and special projects positions. Moving to Florida, he became the Director of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Radio Network and then, the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network. Zotara continued to expand his knowledge in various areas through management positions for the nation's two largest radio broadcasters, Clear Channel (iHeart) Radio, and then Cumulus Media, before entering the world of social entrepreneurship. 

During the last 20 years, Zotara has been nationally recognized as melding cause events with media and PR, and has been responsible for helping companies contribute millions of dollars to much needed community development and improvement causes. He is currently CEO/Senior Managing Director of Trilogy Agency, a proprietary cause marketing firm that manages community cause volunteer initiatives for companies desiring to contribute to their communities while developing partnerships and alliances. Trilogy Web Design's digital marketing firm is an offshoot of the work that is being done in the PR and marketing arm of Trilogy Agency. Among Zotara's accolades are multiple American Advertising Federation's "ADDY Awards" for marketing excellence and a national ENR "Newsmaker of the Year Award" for cause/design marketing.    

Marshall Zotara Trilogy Agency

OUR APPROACH at Trilogy Web Design is simple. Our platform is a hybrid of professional web design, social media framework building, and SEO development, combined with a training option that allows small businesses to maintain and update these services under a DIY umbrella, once the infrastructure is built. 

Our model provides a unique approach for small or startup businesses to enter the world of enhanced digital marketing. With an outlay of tens of thousands of dollars typically associated with USA-based professional design, management, and maintenance, small businesses are often strapped until profits reach a level strong enough to play in this arena.

We approach each and every client as if your business is one of ours. Our capacious experience and acumen in marketing, advertising, media, public relations, and business, provides a fresh prospective on how to build a true digital presence, at a fraction of the cost.

Because we've been involved in business for many years, we've had our successes, and we've had a few challenges. We've learned how to do things, and how not to do things. Our model allows you to learn from our mistakes, our experiences, our judgments.

Our seasoned and mature professionals, with decades of business experience, know how to artfully create and craft your digital content to position your company for increased business and growth. Then, we turn it over to you.

Success in life is the result of good judgment.

Good judgment is usually the result of experience.

Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.

- Anthony Robbins

OUR REFERENCES.  Trilogy Web Design is happy to provide you with references from satisfied clients with which we have worked. Just click below, and we will email you some completed websites we've designed. When you're ready to use us, we'll then provide you with contact names and phone numbers, if desired.

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